Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thoughtful challenge

A colleague challenged me to write about the ways I think about living, particularly the things I try to incorporate to live more responsibly. While there are many such blogs with far more success and bragging rights on this topic, she wants to hear about me and I'm not doing anything else with this here blog spaceso: challenge accepted.

Right now I'm thinking about dinner. I made a packages soup that came in my stocking this Christmas (thanks Dad and Liz!). It had 2 small plastic bags that I had to throw away and a small cardboard box that I recycled. I added squash from my summer CSA (community supported agriculture) that I had dehydrated, leftover beans (that I made from dried for less leaching chemicals, less sodium, less $ and lower shipping impact.), "humane" chicken (so said the label but not a local farm to check) and gifted Portuguese sausage (localish farm/smoke house).

Also making roasted acorn squash from my CSA that I'd frozen w/ imported (by my father) gray sea salt, evoo (bought in bulk from the health food store in an empty beer bottle that I liked with a spout from a cooking shop) and ranch dressing powder.

Also a gin and tonic because I got yummy gin for my B-day and gifted lime juice and tonic!

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