Friday, June 17, 2011

P is for

"It bothers me that I so easily pass as P-compliant. However it is good to wallop people with a hefty dose of surprise radfem. (I’m like an undercover agent.)" 

From the comments in Anecdote Mania. It totally makes me feel better.

I'm realizing its almost impossible to not be seen as a funfem if one is considered attractive and self/other identified as feminist, in that even if you don't try to be compliant the p co-opts your body and makes you so anyway. I've been told that my appearance should be considered when I'm speaking to men (about healthy sexuality/sexual violence) who may find me attractive, in the same way that were I not considered attractive men wouldn't listen to me.

Patriarchy gives some people privilege over others whether or not one chooses to claim it, and it's impossible to fully reject the power you're given, it's so ingrained it takes endless labor to recognize the places where you may be privileged, and there's no way to know how much is yourself and how much is inequality, so thereby you are inherently part of the patriarchy. If you're so enlightened as to take up the feminist revolution, while still experiencing power and privilege, you're a funfem. Maybe you can only get to the work of being a radfem when the patriarchy no longer claims you as it's own and you're then free to fight it. So then liberal feminism would by definition be impossible?

Sort of depressing.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Don't call me baby

everyone wants to feel like they choose their own choices. In this case, that means that some women want to believe that their predilection for rompers and kittens and baby voices reflects their individual personalities and not some trend toward retro, non-threatening femaleness. But no one chooses their choices in a vacuum and certainly it means something that so many women seem to be finding this super-girlish, childish part of their personalities at the same time, while Katy Perry's sex and candy persona is tearing up the charts and actual little girls are being bombarded with pink, purple, princesses, tulle and sparkles. (emphasis mine).
 This article is awesome in itself - commentary on infantilization of adult women (and conversely the sexualization of girls...also the implicit racism) - but I also think this quote perfectly captured what bugs me about "I choose my choice" (non)feminism. The context doesn't disappear just because you don't want to analyze your pigtails.

Friday, June 3, 2011