Thursday, July 22, 2010


There's a whole bunch of chatter in the femist-phere about how we have to be inclusive and appreciate all woman-kind. This is ABSOLUTELY true when we talk about taking away the assumed (white-cis-et al priviledge) in front of feminism. This is NOT true when it is taken to be "I'm a lady, I like xx, therefore xx is feminist and if you say different you're elitist!"

False. I WILL revoke your feminist card.

If you are anti-choice - card revoked

If you are a rape apologist - card revoked

If you are racist, fatphobic, transphobic, homophobic, other-people-phobic - card revoked

If you refuse to recognize and check your own privilege as part of your process - card revoked.

If you willfully undermine the sisterhood - card revoked.

Now let's be clear - you can think abortion is a bummer and not something you would pick for yourself, you might even work really hard to make the realities for women such that abortion is easier to avoid. If you work in any way to make abortion not an option for other women - you're out.

I also get that (self TOTALLY included) no one's got it all figured out, and for the most part we do the best we can, we fumble, we try. I'm not saying if you stumble into your unexamined privilege you get the boot, but if then you refuse to delve into that newly discovered privilege and make damn sure to be self-aware and no-harm then you're out.

Call me an idealist but if you don't actually do right by women, you're not a feminist.

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