Thursday, April 29, 2010


So my insurance has this thing where if you go to the gym 3x/wk for 11 out of 13 weeks (and get a signature each time), they'll reimburse the fee up to $200/person/year. I just realized right now how much of a scam this is for the gym industry but some of us are late comers. Anyway I took the bait because in January I was believing that to be a productive and well-rounded individual, and to stave off all the warnings of my impending doom due to enjoying food/wanting to be skinny and I bought a 6 month membership.

About 2 weeks ago I finally had all the little signatures on my insurance tracking sheet filled out and I celebrated with a half-assed jog on the elliptical, hating my life all the while because the gym crushes my soul. And I proceeded to be allergic to the gym since.

Yesterday my yankee raising kicked in and the guilt for wasting money (by having paid for a gym membership and not utilizing the gym) overran my soul-crushing aversion to the gym, and I forced myself to go. I changed my clothes, I realized my iPod was dead, I got out my productive-individual reading (none of that brain and personality melting Cosmo for me - get the irony?) I hauled my ass onto a funny elliptical and after about 10 minutes of forcing myself to pretend this is good for me, building character, opportunity to read productive thing, melting the enemy calories - it hits me. This is SO not how I want to spend my life. IN ADDITION, who says that I have to work out to balance eating? Who says I have to be skinny and well toned? I resent the beauty-2-k and the gym industrial guilt. SCREW "being in shape".

So, instead of compounding the wasted money with wasted time, I climbed down (ignoring the imagined looks I was getting from others "that girl just got on, who is she kidding?") went home and spent the rest of the evening watching Glee on stolen internet (j/k government spies reading this blog, that would be illegal) and canoodling my puppy.

Also, someone keeps stealing our recycling bins so if you live in WRJ and you're taking containers out of someone's front yard - STOP!


Jennie said...

You go girl!

Jon Beard said...

let's go swimming at Boston Lot. once it's warm enough.

Valerie said...

That inner monologue is *precisely* the one I have when I am hating life on a medieval gym machine.