Friday, January 29, 2010

Remember that totally offensive Dockers ad?

The one that harkens us wistfully back to a time when women couldn't open doors or cross streets and men "took charge because that's what they did."

The lead exec on the campaign says it was actually the forefront of companies taking up their responsibility towards influencing social change:
Is it a lot to ask a company to be at the forefront of social change? Maybe. But I’d venture to say that companies have an obligation to be a part of it.
"Come again?" you may be thinking...
As we continued investigating, we were heartened by the fact that women have come so far. So why not encourage men to stand up and do the same? Women across the country told us: “I just want men to meet us where we are.”
That's right, by a call to reverse all the hard earned gender-equality and take up once again in the old-timey traditional roles of old, they're actually being revolutionary!

What? You missed that message in the totally misogynist and stupefyingly stupid ad? Well take off your skirt, put down the x-box, put on some big boy pants, and you can read the full explanation here.

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Criss L. Cox said...

Oh, for crying out loud. That is disgusting. I don't even have words.

I started reading the "explanation" you linked, but after the first page I couldn't swallow that drivel anymore. I'm glad the comments seem to be giving the blog author what-for... especially Mike (Wamser?). Glad to see men like him, and his Marine brother, speaking up. :)