Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Adventures with High School

In today's Adventures with High School: Inappropriate thank you notes.

One teacher at a school I present at has the kids write thank you notes to each guest presenter. I think this is a wonderful skill and habit for kids to develop, and it's always entertaining to read what high schoolers think about a presentation on domestic and sexual violence. Many take the straight forward approach "Thank you", more these days are really thoughtful, useful, and touching. Some are inappropriate, they are high schoolers, after all.

"Thank you! I thought you were pretty cute."

"Thank you for presenting for my class, and I thought you were a great person on the inside and the outside!"

"Thanks! It was fun to have you in class and your (sic) nice to look at"

"Thank you for coming to our class and teaching us about sexual stuff"

"Thanks for being boring" (seriously the small print was awesome)

"Thanks for the information. I might use it, I might not. I think relationships really aren't worth the trouble."
You're welcome.


Jon Beard said...

are the notes signed? or anonymous?

Criss L. Cox said...

*snort* That last one? Priceless.

At least you know you really got your message through to the kids who couldn't come up with anything other than "you're cute" and "you're nice to look at."

But seriously, as a former classroom teacher I have to say... if they paid enough attention to notice what you looked like, they were way more attentive to you than they are to their regular teachers.