Friday, November 6, 2009

What's changed?

So often I'm struck hard in the face with how much work there's still to be done. People confusing exploitation with empowerment, victim blaming, slut shaming, hating on women (or any minority), for blaming "othered" religions for violence rather than institutions that train men to kill.....

It gets hard to think about all the accomplishments that are happening along side. So when The Undomestic Goddess asked readers to "describe one thing that has changed for women from 1960 to present and how it has affected you." I took it as an opportunity to reflect on something positive. So here's my response (and put out good vibes for me to win the raffle for Gail Collins new book When Everything Changed: The Amazing Journey of American Women from 1960 to Present.)

My boyfriend woke up this morning to make me coffee and breakfast while I got ready for work. He's spending the day buying groceries and cleaning the house. I'm spending the day in an ALL female office. And I have no plans of marrying him.

So thanks to all the feminists that have vastly improved my ability to live. I hope my work will only continue the successes.

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Jonathan said...

Isn't this the contest you won? Ch-ching.
What was for breakfast that day?