Monday, November 2, 2009

Gendered Halloween

So we know that Halloween and "slutty" have become synonymous for most girls. I know this, it hurts me, I refuse to participate, but I'm tired of reading about it. What else is new? So I tend to skip over articles re: gender dichotomy in Halloween costumes (tho there's much to be said in terms of bringing the socialization to light, and highlighting our "others"). If you're not familiar with this - it's perfectly described in the Mean Girls clip below.

However this comment which just came to me on a listserv sparked a bit of a lightbulb moment for me, and I was excited so I'm sharing:
Last night I noticed that very few of the young guys dressed up; they were in their usual garb of extra-wide, extra-long pants and t-shirts and jacket.
But I was amazed to see so many young women dressed and made up like prostitutes. There certainly wasn't much variety with the young women.
- Barbara Passero

The observation being not that all the boys are violent and all the girls are slutty, but that girls were the only ones dressing up at all! Are we at a point when creativity AT ALL is no longer masculine-acceptable?

Ballerina & Cat in the Hat

I went out this Halloween w/ boys(men) who were SO excited to get dressed up! One was thrilled for the opportunity to wear makeup and escape the "gay" slurs. Are younger boys now not even allowed the one night of the year where they can be expressive and creative instead of "cool"?


Jonathan said...

I liked reading this - thanks for posting!

sbuonline said...

You can use the full reference: One=Luca. I hereby re-declare that men should be proud to sport mustache and a whole lot of gay accessories whenever they feel like it (being european helps anyway...:) )

DancingGrapes said...

"gay accessories" = social construction. I say rock that flair and rock it hard!