Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dating feminist

I posted awhile back on my thoughts about dating feminist. Or more specifically, what it meant to me to be dating a feminist - or not. Ultimately, I thought while feminism's important to me, this man was too and it wasn't something he was ready for. We've talked about it more, and for me it's really been about honoring his process, whether that lead to the word Feminist or not.

SO! Imagine my excitement when I flip to the latest in The UnDomestic 10 - a fellow feminist blogger's series of 10 questions on the status of women and girls. (My answers went up yesterday) and there's my shiny, happy boyfriend (wearing my favorite shirt which he stole and now takes insolent pictures of to torture me.) He's funny and honest and endearing - and he calls himself a feminist. I'm a lucky gal!

For more JonBeard awesomeness read some of his poetry.

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Amanda said...

Yes you are! My boyfriend and I have also talked about this before. While he believes in feminism, he is not ready to call himself a feminist because he feel he doesn't take an active part in it. While I could easily argue that dating me is a feminist act, he too needs to come to it on his own terms. Congrats!