Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Letter to Twisty

Readers know my intellectual, one-sided love affair with Twisty Faster. I fantasize about eating tacos with her and Robert Jensen and listening to the master of patriarchy blame. Today the blaming got to be too much for me to do alone, and regular sympathizers in my physical realm are not sympathizing. So I wrote Twisty an email.

Dear Twisty,
My full time job is talking about the dynamics of domestic and sexual violence, raising awareness of the rape culture, insisting that men's violence against women isn't a myth (like unicorns), and desperately trying to convince children to blame the patriarchy. I do this in middle schools, high schools, universities, community forums, employers, health fairs, conferences, coalitions...

[...]College is the only college within my catchment area.

The Assistant Director of the Center for Women and Gender, and the Sexual Assault Awareness Program Coordinator at [...] College moonlight on the weekends as (self described) "Promo Girls". You know - the ladies who are paid to use their sexualized bodies to pass out light sticks that advertise alcohol. You know, alcohol - the number one drug used to facilitate sexual assault. Sexual Assault - the crime that never gets prosecuted because people will just want to know why you were drinking and dressed like a whore/sex object in the public sphere in the first place.

The A.D. informed me of this when on this fifth of May I was presenting to a group of 8th graders at the college on the sexualized images of women in the media and how we as girls have minimal direction in how to grow up as anything other than sexualized objects perpetuated by society at large and alcohol ads in particular. A.D. then wondered if I may see her out later celebrating Cinco de Mayo with Jose Cuervo.

HOW are girls supposed to grow up not fucked?

Also I'm reading Robert Jensen and if you ever flip through Pornography and the End of Masculinity in the bathroom I'd love to hear your review!


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