Thursday, February 12, 2009

A short reading list

The personal is political. The choices you make affect others in the world. But when something happens to you - when someone makes a choice that affects you it's ok to choose what's best for you above everything else. I think that in cases of domestic and sexual violence it is not the responsibility of the victim to take on the weight of the world. Sometimes it is up to us who have been lucky to be political while those who haven't take time to heal. My Sexual Assault is Not Your Political Issue

It is our responsibility, us who have been lucky, to take on systems that traumatize victims. To advocate those who have been silenced. It takes all of us to fight systems of our nation that are unjust. Change is slow so it is also our responsibility to be honest to victims (Open Letter to Rihanna)about what comes next (a different perspective)

An older article about domestic violencewithin and without of hip hop

Annual national census on domestic violence.

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