Monday, February 9, 2009

Kate the Great is no more

This is a sad story. You may recall a defeated yet optimistic post 6 months ago. Optimistic because it was a mere 6 months until the next release of the worlds (second) best and fantastically named beer and this time I would be prepared. I had my spies on the prowl, and I had determination in my heart. Unfortunately my spies took a new job in Manchester last month and refused to take a day off to stand in line and get me a pint of the world's greatest birthday present. And so my life remains incomplete.

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Nate said...

sad but true...I failed to procure bottles of Kate the Great. In my defense, vouchers for the bottles were gone by 10am...I think I'll stop by BEFORE work next time, get a voucher, and pass it off to a trustworthy proxy who's available at the time of release. That's way easier than taking the day off from work.

Also, KTG is delicious. By far the best beer I've ever had (they had plenty of it on tap Monday night).