Saturday, January 24, 2009

Collected Links

Porn Industry needs a bail out because apparently congress has "a responsibility to restore sexual health" to America. Thru porn. No thanks. Admittedly a clever publicity stunt, and perhaps some cultural satire. None the less, these men make me feel ill about the state of the world.

Walmart taking over an animated chart of the US Walmart explosion.

Interesting article on a capitalist movementaway from ownership and towards access, where we will no longer own, but pay to have access to "communal" digital commodities. I may be verging on radical enough to disagree with the theoretical concept of ownership - especially as it mutates to include people and relationships as property - but see what you think.

Finally, you may be aware of my issues with the marketing scheme of Gardasil brand vaccine, and the larger issue of contraception and STI protection being primarily the responsibility of the woman. Apparently there's now a request into the FDA to make the vaccine approved for men. I'll be interested to see what kind of cancer they use in that commercial. I sense that penile, anal or throat cancer are going to be less tasteful than cervical cancer. Think they'll come right out and say it stops warts???

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