Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Obligation to overthrow

Chris: anyway I thought your email on my obligation to overthrow the patriarchy was very well written
Chris: you made me feel pretty guilty actually although I don't know if thats completely fair
me: i don't want you to feel guilty, i want you to feel responsible
Chris: i'm not really sure what you mean by responsible
me: guilt tends to get overwhelming - people feel guilty and helpless and therefore useless. I want you to feel responsible to do something about it and make a conscious and deliberate effort
Chris: well what exactly do you see me being able to do
I'm certainly going to avoid contributing
to oppression
me: call out people when they say sexist/racist/homophobic slang
don't laugh at sexist jokes
be critical of your peers and the media
be supportive of your female colleagues
be transparent, keep volunteering, encourage others to volunteer
have conversations with people about violence against women and sexism
give money to organizations that are doing the work when you can
Chris: ok i like those except the jokes and slang one is pretty difficult
me: that's the easiest one
make an effort to educate yourself
read literature, do research, keep talking to people in the field
keep challenging yourself
Chris: i think i do that
although I pretty much rely on your blog posts

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