Thursday, November 20, 2008

Being Tired

Today culminated 6 weeks of Volunteer Training which I coordinate/facilitate essentially as a volunteer. 6 weeks of my life dedicated to unpaid overtime.*

I came home to my warm (bat free) house to my housemates waiting with a beer (the offer of a beer, we've already drunk all our beer, easily remedied with a cocktail) and cooking celebratory bacon cheeseburgers and roasted potatoes. We put on aprons and flair and watched The Office and I will go to sleep snuggling with my dog (after I lure him down and lock him in my room so he won't go sleep with Liz).

I really like my life.

*Last night in an overtired stupor I honestly thought the two explanations possible for the mystery flashing light in my bathroom: rapist or ghost. Turned out to be the Wii.

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