Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Feminism is not stupid*.

“Feminism means women’s individual or collective rights to autonomy, to define their lives as they see fit. It thus suggests equality between the sexes.”

Patriarchy is seen not only as a system that oppresses women, but also as one that structurally and conceptually creates, sustains, and justifies hierarchies, competition, and the unequal distribution of power and resources on an endless variety of levels."

“What gives my actions their moral value is not necessarily my intentions, but rather their effects on others – specifically, those people who are disenfranchised by my privilege, those marginalized by my sense of entitlement. They, rather than I, were the ones to name those effects. What’s more, they got to say what I needed to do to redress the damage.

I cannot know the reality of those subordinated by the system of values that entitles me.” -Red Crowley

*and saying that it's stupid will not get you a date.

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