Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Election and Racism

From Racialicious

Race is an issue in this election. Class is an issue in this election. Violence Against Women is an issue in this election. Homophobia is an issue in this election. The issue is Human Rights, people. As in your right to be human.

*Side note: When I get down because smart people in my life seem to lose it when it comes to this election and smirk that I'm idealistic, irrational, I'm uplifted to be in the company of those above.

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Serg said...

Idealism is what gives us something to shoot for. It was idealism that gave women the right to vote. It was idealism that got us out of the great depression. It was idealism that put a man on the moon. Idealism is what makes this country great. It's why people die to come here - for the ideal of freedom, liberty and justice for ALL.