Friday, September 5, 2008

BYO BubbleWrap

I'm moving out of the batcave this weekend and setting up tent elsewhere. I haven't time to post but had to share a priceless bit of research that was waiting for me upon my return to the world of internet:

On the lyrics of Kanye's Stronger:

Apollonia 6 was a 1980s female singing trio created by Prince as a continuation/succession of a previous group, Vanity 6.

and 'since oj had isotoners' is talking about this:

Isotoner is a manufacturer of gloves, slippers, etc. Gloves and shoes were a key part of the OJ trial because of the bloody glove found and the rarity of the shoes which made the footprints at the crime scene.

So the song is basically saying that he's "been on ya" since at least the early 90's.
-My friend Liz

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