Monday, August 4, 2008

Gettin' Lucky

Some months ago mine was the only office left to be painted. With a move in deadline looming I informed my colleagues that since none of my dead-beat friends would help me, the goal for my bar hopping that night would be a painter. Low and behold, the next morning Andrew and I got to work.

This past week again it became necessary to find a man* willing to fight bats. I informed the WISE woman that the Salt Hill quest of the night would be to find such a man. Find him I did**. With frying pan in hand he smashed any sleeves that might have housed dark princes of the night, and (I believe) put out a certain bat-repellent vibe. I have nary heard nor seen one of the dastardly winged mammals since.

My boss tells me I have a peculiar definition of "getting lucky" on a Friday night. I think I sensed a tone of pity.

*The male specification not being due to any gender variance in bat-fighting ability, but merely because I like boys.

**We didn't actually see any bats that night, which leads to an interesting predicament. Let's call him Batman. Were I any other than the utmost principled and ethical of feminists, it may appear that this were all a clever ploy to use the age-old damsel in distress scenario to lure an innocent into my batcave. Were Batman to suspect that I had ulterior motives for that bat hunting sleepover (Which I do not!!I really do have bats!) and pair that with a past history of infiltrating Batman's friend-circles (we just have similar taste in people!) this could be incriminating. I would like to take this opportunity to assure all interested parties that this is all completely coincidental. Although I would be quite the seductive mastermind were it not...

The only other note-worth mention of the weekend is that I went blueberry picking along with blind-friend date girl and Chris. This is only significant in that afterwards it was clearly necessary to make blueberry pancakes, and with those blueberry pancakes Chris and I ate an entire pound of bacon. No wonder this gym thing isn't working out...

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