Thursday, August 7, 2008

Felt like a lifetime

"tell me you don't really bring guys home from bars. Lie if necessary." My dad's so proud of his little girl...

In the past weeks 2 of my friends (in the Upper Valley) of similar age have broken up (separate relationships). Both with in the week have gone on at least 1 date with a new acquaintance. I have been here a flippin year with less luck. Not only do I feel this is totally unfair, I've taken drastic measures.

Clearly my aura's got some "unavailable" contaminants. I've rearranged the rings on my fingers (which is really uncomfortable and totally chaps my feminist hide as a waste of finger space sacrificed to the powers that be over a tradition I don't even subscribe to) and taken the next steps. Chris says I should wait until after BurningMan so I don't end up with a jealous boyfriend after a week of nudity in the desert.

Finally, my funeral song keeps coming up on Pandora. It's eerie

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