Friday, August 1, 2008

Blueberry Muffin

Happy birthday Brit-Muffin!

Wednesday night brought another fleeing-the-bats-in-the-middle-of-the-night saga. That story line's getting a little played out.

In the midst of sleep deprivation I had a blind friend-date last night. It went well, despite my best efforts to appear crazy. We have plans for a second to go blueberry picking this weekend, then "we" are going to bake pies. By we, I mean I'll make cocktails, she'll make pie (she's a pro baker. That's her job).

August. I have mixed feelings. August brings Christina and BurningMan, but is followed by September. There's summer dresses I haven't even worn yet.

I rejoined the gym this week.This is significant.
*In the three months I was gym-less I've reverted to the worst shape since high school. mucho depressing. My horoscope says this about it:
Remember that the littlest details of your daily routine can make you feel better or worse over time. Don't waste energy worrying about a particular ailment. Just pick something that you can do every day, such as an upgrade to your diet or exercise program, to improve your total wellbeing.

Translation - stop worrying about death-by-rabies and get your fatass to the gym.

*I paid for a year. My commitmentphobe self is bound to the Upper Valley until August 2009. I was going to do 6 months, so as to have my lease and my membership expire simultaneously and make me free. But I committed. That's growth.

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