Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Make your reservations early

I'm am officially booked through until September. I do not have a solid weekend open until the 5th. There may be some leeway for those willing to travel to the Upper Valley.


When I was a youth (below the age of 6) I decided that communion bread was yummy. The church didn't slack on the body of Jesus with just any loaf of Wonder Bread. I decided to investigate. I found the nice older lady who was in charge of prepping Jesus for our monthly redemption and asked her if there was ever any leftover bread after communion. I mean, what does one do with leftover savior? As I suspected, those little soul-saving squares were not the end of the goodness so I suggested that they give me the leftover bread to feed the birds. I was a cute kid and must have made a good argument that birds need saving too. It was agreed and every first Sunday of the month after the service I got what was usually a good half-loaf of the savory lord. I would then go outside, throw a few perfunctory chunks at whatever wildlife was hopping about, and would stuff my face with the rest. The things a girl does for carbs. I never did figure out a way to grab the grape flavored blood to wash it all down with

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