Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I am a vampire

I was woken at 2am to bats. In my apartment. Not a bat. Bats.

Apparently the local police department is not to protect and serve citizens losing sleep to winged mammals. The dispatch lady will laugh at you. (I would like to know what more pressing matters the Lebanon PD has at 3 am).

After an hour of sitting on the floor with my head covered and the front door open I came to some conclusions. 1. this is why people have boyfriends. 2. I'm moving into my closet at work.

I drove to Sunapee at 3:30 to climb in my little sister's bed to the sound of other furry rodents. These ones running in wheels. Try packing an overnight back while keeping duck and cover.

UPDATE* According to the NH Department of Fish and Game nurse on call I have to get SIX FUCKING SHOTS Rusty only has to get one.


Nate said...

maybe it was a clever marketing scheme by the folks behind the new Batman movie...you think they could find a more subtle medium though.

Serg said...

O - M - G!

Who told you to F'ing move to Lebanon!?! That shit don't happen in Boston!

When you come visit we should go get that awesome North End pizza!