Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Countdown: 2 months (exactly)

Plane Ticket: $457

Entheon Village: $333

Becoming a bonefide Burner in T-2 months: butterflies up and down in my tummy (good, sparkly, naked, day-glo butterflies)

It's all happening!


Serg said...

Are you going to Bonaroo? Or this is a different hippie festival you'll be partaking in?

I miss you, lover.

Kate said...

Oh my precious hippie-hater

Bonnaroo is over - I'm going to BurningMan!!! Look it up, you'll lose your lunch!

Randy said...

Kate...what is all this bullshit? I have no idea what you young hipsters do nowadays. I hope you're not smoking any of that reefer while you're way out west.