Monday, June 16, 2008

100 things

So there's this guy that decided he wanted to have only 100 things. Now, having read what he includes as things, and that he's not counting shared items I believe this number is somewhat flexible, but the idea is to minimize - for the sake of anti-consumerism and anti-dependency on stuff. I left this comment on the blog:
The thing is - I actually do LOVE some of my stuff. And while most of it is shabby and hand-me-down that's what adds to the charm. While I often times feel cluttered, I don't want to part with my clothes, or my pillows, or my books. I also don't know how to makeit work when one lives alone and has to account for all the kitchen/bathroom/cleaning/pet etc supplies. Does food count? Does it make a difference to the consumer aspect if things are from a thrift store or yard sale? Is the point to consume less or to have less? I'd love to hear people's thoughts as I consider how to engage in a personal way...

Partially in response to a quote that we should use things and love people - I agree with loving people, but I also love some of my things - and partially as a request for some brainstorming collaboration. I think at least I'd like to take the summer to inventory my things and maybe organize in a more productive way. I live in a tiny space with hardly any storage and when I move in January I'm assuming the space will be smaller and shared. Here are some things I'd love some feedback on:

Dave isn't counting shared stuff - this includes his kitchen, living room etc things and I don't have shared stuff, it's all mine (except Rusty's... do I not count his?) So how do I do that? Can I count "kitchen stuff" in a different way? What about food or cleaning supplies - are those counted or is it only non-consumable items? Could I say that a place setting is one thing and get rid of anything beyond say 6 settings?

Secondly - there are some things I love. My pillow collection (probably a good chunk of 100 if I have to count them all individually), my books (same issue), my CDs. I have cinderblocks instead of bookshelves - can I group them? And don't get me started on my clothes, although I guess I could go by the "if you haven't worn it in a year" to weed through.

Holiday/seasonal - you know how I love themes, can I really throw out all my St. Patty's day beads?

What about my toys? What if they fit in one defined unit - then could I avoid counting them as individual? Every thing that fits in this one box is one. And shoes?!


I think I am going to take some time this summer to at least start a catalog of my stuff and weed through each category to make sure what I have are the things I love most, and those I'm only ok with are out.

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