Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kate +Beer=Great

Kate the Great

Not just the author of this blog! I did not get any because my contacts in the Portsmouth area were apparently asleep at the brewery. This will be punished and/or forgiven when the next keg comes around and I receive a gift...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Countdown: 2 months (exactly)

Plane Ticket: $457

Entheon Village: $333

Becoming a bonefide Burner in T-2 months: butterflies up and down in my tummy (good, sparkly, naked, day-glo butterflies)

It's all happening!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Once again

There's nothing like walking into the bathroom and suddenly having everything become clear: Why I feel like crap, why I look like crap, why nothing's helping and I can't stop eating and the sky is gray and why absolutely the whole world is against me. Then like a lightning bolt one trip, much like the hundreds you make every day* finds the answer. And of course it's on a day when one wears a white skirt to work...

*no?! not hundreds?! just me!?

Thank you!

Even if romantic love eludes you today, make time to acknowledge the amazing people in your life. You are richer in spirit because of those special folks who took the time to teach you something crucial when you needed it most. Now it's your turn to return the favor by thanking your friends and going out of your way to impart a bit of your wisdom to someone else.

So - who wants some wisdom?

Friday, June 20, 2008


New album out - PeaceBlaster - hoping to see them this summer with Umphrey's I just have to say I'm a massive fan of the CD tagline: Peaceblast the Homogeny.

Chance of thunderstorms

My horoscope tells me this is the longest day of the year. Whatever your plans, enjoy them. After today we're on our way back to snow...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Birth Charting

Yay for drunk astrology (via facebook!):
you have jupiter conjunct ascendant in aquarius, which is all about optimism, generosity, buoyancy, happy-go-lucky, philosophical, and put that all under the heading of ECCENTRIC and GENIUS. it's all about being original and individualistic, hard to pin down, you definitely follow beat of a wonderfully strange drummer. all about freedom from societal expectations. that's so funny!!!!!!!!!!!! i love your chart. i'm gonna look again. but there's your ascendant which is right on the money: AQUARIUS. about causes, ideals, intellectual. what do you think baby!!!??

you have your moon in sixth house like me. this is an indication of service. service being important to you emotionally, helping other people through your work. sixth house is a pain in the ass in that it affects your health. moon being about emotions, there is a strong connection between your health and your emotions. but with your jupiter conjunct ascendant you don't have much to worry about, probably don't get sick too much.

your personality, persona, how you present yourself to others, is ACCENTUATED hardcore. so first you have jupiter conjunct ascendant like i said, that makes your personality larger than life. but then your sun is also in first house which adds even more fuel to the fire. a lot of your chart highlights first impressions and your style of interacting with the world. that's awesome. kind of explains why people either hate or love you - you come across so strongly that people have to make a choice or something.

you have lot of really easy aspects of sun. i.e. between sun and moon, sun and Pluto, and sun and MC. meaning, your emotional life is pretty stable, or at least doesn't mess with you a lot. also you have a good ability to transform and make changes for yourself when you want to . with MC means you will be able to express yourself in your career, and your career will find you. your career, what you choose to do, will not be at odds with you. it's gonna be a good one!!! for you i mean. you're pretty blessed in terms of finding good work

What do YOU think, baby?

I like my neat clairvoyant friends!

The One Where I Vomit

vaginal lubrication signals the first stage of female submission to male

From an essay on Christian Domestic Dicipline.

well...I'm all dried up...

Monday, June 16, 2008

100 things

So there's this guy that decided he wanted to have only 100 things. Now, having read what he includes as things, and that he's not counting shared items I believe this number is somewhat flexible, but the idea is to minimize - for the sake of anti-consumerism and anti-dependency on stuff. I left this comment on the blog:
The thing is - I actually do LOVE some of my stuff. And while most of it is shabby and hand-me-down that's what adds to the charm. While I often times feel cluttered, I don't want to part with my clothes, or my pillows, or my books. I also don't know how to makeit work when one lives alone and has to account for all the kitchen/bathroom/cleaning/pet etc supplies. Does food count? Does it make a difference to the consumer aspect if things are from a thrift store or yard sale? Is the point to consume less or to have less? I'd love to hear people's thoughts as I consider how to engage in a personal way...

Partially in response to a quote that we should use things and love people - I agree with loving people, but I also love some of my things - and partially as a request for some brainstorming collaboration. I think at least I'd like to take the summer to inventory my things and maybe organize in a more productive way. I live in a tiny space with hardly any storage and when I move in January I'm assuming the space will be smaller and shared. Here are some things I'd love some feedback on:

Dave isn't counting shared stuff - this includes his kitchen, living room etc things and I don't have shared stuff, it's all mine (except Rusty's... do I not count his?) So how do I do that? Can I count "kitchen stuff" in a different way? What about food or cleaning supplies - are those counted or is it only non-consumable items? Could I say that a place setting is one thing and get rid of anything beyond say 6 settings?

Secondly - there are some things I love. My pillow collection (probably a good chunk of 100 if I have to count them all individually), my books (same issue), my CDs. I have cinderblocks instead of bookshelves - can I group them? And don't get me started on my clothes, although I guess I could go by the "if you haven't worn it in a year" to weed through.

Holiday/seasonal - you know how I love themes, can I really throw out all my St. Patty's day beads?

What about my toys? What if they fit in one defined unit - then could I avoid counting them as individual? Every thing that fits in this one box is one. And shoes?!


I think I am going to take some time this summer to at least start a catalog of my stuff and weed through each category to make sure what I have are the things I love most, and those I'm only ok with are out.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Visualize hands on your back

I believe very much that the work you are doing has an underlying role of healer. The history and related emotional energy that created race tensions today (slavery, genocide, rape, subjugation) is extremely deep and powerful. There is no way to do the work you do and not feel some of that energy. It is not for the faint of heart. And many, many people are afraid of it, whether they want to admit it or not.

Healers in my husband’s tradition do a lot to protect themselves and stay grounded in what they are doing. So make sure you always are kind to yourself, connected to your greater purpose and clear that what you are doing is facilitating this interaction, not controlling it. This may take the sting out of taking things personally.

Many, many people from different backgrounds are thankful that you are doing this work on their behalf. Visualize their faces and hands on your back when you feel down. Trust me, they are there.

From Racialicious