Sunday, April 6, 2008

Some Like It Hot

With the coming of spring I've learned several things about the previous resident of my apartment:

The cat may be gone but the smell of urine revisits like a ghost when you least expect it.

Having the dog poop in the boxed off "yard" under the birch was used as an excuse not to clean it up.

The porch which Ryan astutely recognized as the perfect smoking spot was indeed used as such by smokers of the sort that hate the environment and thus take out their hostility by spurning it with butts.

The space was made for costume dance parties.

Unrelated: having now been a paying member of a gym for the last 5 months (and having the guilt of wasted money combat my naturally lazy demeanor) all I have to show for my hard work and dedication is a more prominent ass.

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Nate said...

aha! but that's not all - you've also lowered your risk of heart disease and diabetes! Of course, in 10 years if you turn into a fat slob, the 5 months of gym time may be a moot point.