Monday, March 10, 2008

You never know what you're gonna get

npurmort: these are scary: Your grandfather's condom
me: did you ever see that video of some old guy talking about his old condom that they used to wash out and reuse
npurmort: yeah! I did
that was even scarier (obvi.)
me: and kinda funny
more frightening than ancient prophylactics are ancient chastity tools
me: google some, i'm sure you can find something that will make your skin crawl
npurmort: I think I have a few in mind
clitoris removal...labia I on the right track?
me: oh, i wasn't even thinking mutilation
me: i was thinking like the devices they had to keep from masturbating or like chastity spikes etc
npurmort: mutilation is the worst...I feel sick thinking about it
me:how do you feel about circumcision then?
npurmort: it's interesting to put those in the same light
the motivations are different, right?
isn't circumcision about sanitation?
me: no, its about jewish law
me: neither have very convincing (if any) health justifications
both are cultural
npurmort: interesting
me: i don't think i could do that to my baby
npurmort: yeah - having never thought about it before....and now doing so, I don't think I could either
it's so culturally-accepted that people don't even really think about it
me: you poor boy, do you sometimes dread getting in conversations with me?
npurmort: no - I have awesome conversations with you! but it's a good thing we don't have internet censors at work
or else they'd wonder why I'm looking up circumcision (and the inevatible pictures of penises), female chastity

to be fair - he kinda started that one...


Nate said...

I should start noting certain conversations with you as "off the record"....

Jennie said...

Nate, you should know better by now! NOTHING is off limits anymore... I miss the days when we talked about normal stuff... like what's for dinner...