Monday, March 3, 2008

I think I'm ok with being 23...

Some recent pictures
Me, Puppy, Apartment

Christmas Igloo

While unpacking I found all my valentines and birthday cards from last year. I know it's cliche and I've said it before but sometimes I can't believe how different my life is in a year. Last year's birthday was probably the best so far, but left sort of a bad taste when all was said and done and in hindsight was a huge catalyst through the fall out. This year's birthday celebration is this coming weekend - I'm really excited about the people coming to hang out, I think it's going to be an incredible mix. And hopefully the worst aftermath will be the hangovers...

I spent last week in Denmark with Siri. It was wonderful. When she was here in August I was still a student in Boston. Now I'm in a new state, new job, new apartment, new friends. Just when she knew who and where I was talking about it's different all over again. I'll post Denmark pictures eventually - my camera broke and can't upload and I don't have internet anyway ;)

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