Monday, March 24, 2008

New generation repo rights

Labor of Love

Some thoughts in bullet format with no particular transitions:

Sounds like this baby will have it way better than most of the kids in families that I work with every day.

WTF is everyone's problem? A happy, healthy fetus is no body's damn business, nor will it be when it's a happy healthy child. Unless you have something supportive and helpful to say STFU*. I say congrats and let me know if you need a babysitter.

What if that couple accidentally got pregnant (swinging, sharing, poly, however), would you asshole** nay-sayers prefer abortion or a baby with loving trans parents?

When did we all decide we're so much better than everyone else?

I think it would be incredible to be in a relationship with a man willing enough to share in parenting to the point of carrying, especially considering the medical procedures and processes to prepare for it, and the social implications he has been willing to face. All children should be so wanted and all partners so invested.

*IDK...I spent my day with high schoolers.

**my blog; I get to define asshole and, for the purpose of this post, it's anyone who fancies themselves entitled enough to narrowly define family excluding that of the article.

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