Monday, March 17, 2008

Channeling Christina

Friday Kristan was rushing me to go home because she wanted a beer before meeting her B/F and wanted to have it at my house. My car and my dog were at work and Rusty needed a walk, so to multi-task I left the car and walked Rusty home to meet Kristan, already mid-beer.

Fast forward the weekend, some cooking (amazing pizza and risotto!), some beer, some Salt Hill...the usual.

Sunday morning I was supposed to have boiled dinner at my mom's. I was responsible and went to the gym first, took Rusty out, took a shower, was ready to go by just after 11am. Gathered together my laundry, my recycling, my dog and headed to the parking lot and had a heart attack to discover my car was MISSING!

Oh yes, I left it at work and forgot about it for the entire weekend.

Options: go back up the hill into my apt, drop off the laundry, the recycling, the dog, get the car, then load back the laundry, recycling, dog. Well forget that so I hiked my loaded self to work laundry, recycling and dog in tow.

Lovely day, Old Navy had $6 sweaters of which I bought many, along with $4 shoes. Awesome.

Was supposed to watch a movie at Chris' when I got home (Into the Wild - great film) but needed food so stopped at home, grabbed a frozen pizza and a bottle of wine and, feeling guilty driving 2 blocks, started walking. Hiking along, bottle of wine and frozen pizza, lookin classy. Just before Chris' house there's a pair of undies on the sidewalk. "eww, how does underwear even get in the street?? WTF???...those actually look really familiar....OMG! Those are MINE!!!!"

Picture me, quick scan of the street, no one looking, grasp wine and pizza in one hand, snatch up the undies in the other and stuff them in my pocket. I'm litterally walking down the street on a Sunday night with pizza, wine and panties in my pocket.

The entire movie someone's phone was buzzing, finally everyone's irritated, I suggest to check mine, Jacob reaches in the pocket and goes "Did you put the panties in this pocket???"

Mindy said I must be channeling Christina - I think it's because we're kindred. Although I think stuff like this only happens to me...

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