Sunday, December 30, 2007

What the Smile on my face meant


The best birthday
LOTS of great live music (Langerado, Umphrey's, Citizen, Soulive, Gym Class Heroes...)
Some falling outs, some reconnection, some new amazing people
5-P Penguin Pizza
Siri came to visit
Dad + Liz 4evr
Graduation Summa Cum Laude
Job a week later
Apple picking and cider donuts
Big sunglasses and leg warmers
Decompression Party
My dog likes me the best

Quite the year. I remember more good than bad. I have great hope for 2008.

As for New Years Eve - last year was hands down the best NYE of my 22 NYEs thus far. Tomorrow I host the NYE Finer Things Bash along with my pal Nate. I've picked my dress, watched Martha Stewart DVDs and spent about $300 on booze. There will be chocolate shot glasses and a full dinner and if nothing else - I've horded a gigantic bottle of champagne for an emergency. Everyone cross your fingers with me 'cause I have high expectations...

Happy New Year!

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