Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Post from work

I email myself quotes and tidbits as I wade through the piles on my desk and in my email. I will unload some periodically on here. Discuss amongst yourselves (or in comments...)

"I don't know that we need to change women's behavior. I am pretty clear
that we need to change men's." - Rus Funk (discussing strip clubs and pornography and it's perpetuation of violence against women).

Dateline experiment in Predatory Drugs (I LOATHE "date rape"). This makes me NEVER want to go to a bar. Having been drugged - dispite all the "proper precautions" - I absolutely resent sharing living space with guys who are not only not appauled, but enthusiastic about drugging women to Rape them. Even more, I resent implications that I hear every day about women being "stupid" drinking too much, accepting drinks, leaving drinks unattended. Make no mistake. It is not being intoxicated that makes me vulnerable when I go out. It is being a woman.

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