Thursday, December 13, 2007

If abortion were illegal...

I posted before on an amusing hypothetical: "What would the punishment be were abortion illegal?"

Republican candidates are called out to answer:

Anderson Cooper's incredible.


Adina said...


why are people even asking these questions and putting this possibility out there?

if this country is base on "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" how will we be able to get there if the government is limiting freedoms and trying to OWN the bodies of its citizens? should the states get to enslave women to their bodies by making it so they have no choice but to house a fertilized ovum that invades it without concent? DOES A POSSIBILITY TAKE PRECEDENT OVER A REALITY?

Kate said...

I think it's funny.

zuzuzus said...

I've been discussing this frightening possibility with people for a long time. Maybe this is a crazy thing to be worried about to some. But I think when you consider the fact that it was illegal at one point and the fact that people seem to be moving backwards, well then...

It's time people decided what life really means. Is it being imprisoned by our own biology in misery? Or is it a life in which one can decide their own happiness?
People need to stop adopting the concept of happiness we are spoon-fed. My idea of a real life is one without a pregnancy.

Thanks for this post!

I love this blog. It makes me so happy that someone is discussing these important issues. Women like us are what the future should look like. people acting like good people instead of the "ideal" of some label they were given.

One Love

p.s. whatever happened to give me liberty or give me death?