Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I have known this too

Most important, I overlook what is obvious, noticing but not spotlighting the places of weakness that women know they have, that are the source of all the malaise. If only we could just say it, just talk about it. If only I could say, “Your problems would be over if you would…” But the answer always seems to lie in the place most unbearable to look, the place that can be approached only by nuance, in a sort of dance.

A place of extraordinary empathy.

Women seem to trust each other best by giving over the contents of their lives to another woman, who will allow those contents just to sit there undisturbed. Women look at each other and say, Yes, I have known this too.

There is a lot of wailing and not much explaining.

The women test you in another way: they watch to see how much you can listen to, how far down their road you can go without finding an answer.

From Conversations With Women by Sallie Caldwell

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