Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Some Variations and Crooked Conversations

A brief update in some stolen spare time:

Thursday I took my sister to her first Umphrey's show! My own first was just a touch over a year ago (last July to be precise). Incredible time had by all.

10/25/07 Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT
Set I: Out of Order> Visions of Parin> In the Kitchen, Great American1> I've Got a Feeling1> Great American1, 13 Days> JaJunk
Set II: The Crooked One> Cherub Rock, Mail Package, Miss Tinkle's Overture, Much Obliged> Pearl Necklace2> Hurt Bird Bath
Encore: Pay the Snucka

1 Benny Yurco of Turkey Bullion Mafia (Guitar)
2 Chris Friday (Vocals

Two observations - Miss Tinkle's Overture may be the sexiest thing to hear live. Pay the Snucka was the best I've heard it yet.


Not to be cryptic, but I'm slightly amused by some recent bloggular activity. A certain person seems to be experiencing certain life circumstances reminicent of my own about 6 months ago. Ironically, she was one who opted out of being a decent person and it seems karma has caught up. Not that I wish this nameless person pain, but I can't help but doubt that s/he's realized the parallel and considered their part in my summer misfortunes (they're not one to get much beyond their own life). I don't know the details, as we've lost touch, nonetheless, I do chuckle at the universe sometimes.


I'm going to a Burning Man Decompression at the Museum of Arts in Queens this weekend. The theme is Concrete Jungle. My costume is beyond bitchin. I've got butterflies. Seriously.


Work has been beyond nuts, I'm a touch overwhelmed. Some things are coming up mid-Nov that will be a challenge personally. We'll see how it goes. I'm still in a holding pattern regarding "Getting Involved!" and "Getting a Life!" But I'm sure they're coming.

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