Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fog inside the glass

Everyone keeps using a certain tone of voice and asking "how is it so far...?"

It's kind of awesome. I forgot how neat fall is in New England. Every morning I come dangerously close to driving off the road - I just can't get over how beautiful the mountains are.

To celebrate, last Saturday Chris and had a complete Fall-fest. We woke up early (like adults, he says) and went apple picking -
in VT, in the mountains, all of which were appropriate fall shades of orange, yellow, red and brown. I picked a bushel. A bushel is a LOT of apples!

We drank cider from the gallon jug while eating cider donuts fresh out of the oil (and still scalding hot) sitting outside and looking at the scenery. They may have been the most delicious things I've ever eaten. We went to the liquor store for a nip of Goldschlager for the cider - and walked out $100 later. We spiked the cider and carved pumpkins (mine has 2 faces so you can see it from either direction), while my mom baked us a pie (seriously, living at home is awesome) then we roasted pumpkin seeds, ate pie, and decided we needed a fall bonfire. So we did. With marshmallow. And beer. (In NH, a 24 of Octoberfest is $19.50. And you can get it at the gas station. I LOVE NH.)

Gap- I ran a shipment line and closed the store for the first time Sunday. Easier than it looks.
WISE - Had my first school today, and ran our group with pregnant/parenting DCYF kids by myself. Harder than they look.

The OFFICE premier today! I don't care what anyone says, Pam and Jim are going to be happy ever after.

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