Saturday, September 1, 2007

Champagne and Trashbags

An odd shopping list, perhaps, but it's home, and it's good to be home. Mom says we're celebrating the future and trashing the junk. I just took a bath. A real, bath salts, bubbles, jacuzzi jets, tea, candles, neck pillow sort of bath. It's dark at night, the moon is brighter than I remember.

Graduation sucked. I had a day long anxiety attack trying to move and did a hundred trash runs up the fire escape. The ceremony was more shuffle than ever before - fitting, I suppose - long, boring, overly warm. I did wear a really cute dress. I found my lost keys, mailed my last check.

I'm 2 parts excited, 1 part nervous. If these next few months go well maybe I'll crash in mom's basement for the winter and spend rent $ on snowboarding lessons...

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Anonymous said...

While at home this past weekend mom goes to me "I have to show you what Kate bought me!". We are in the computer room with dad and she turns around and goes ta-da! Laughing like a loon she goes don't you love them! Those sunglasses are hysterical Kate. She absolutely loves them. How is the new job going? Cheers to your graduation!