Thursday, September 27, 2007

PB & J!!!!

YAY Pam and Jim!!!!!

Fog inside the glass

Everyone keeps using a certain tone of voice and asking "how is it so far...?"

It's kind of awesome. I forgot how neat fall is in New England. Every morning I come dangerously close to driving off the road - I just can't get over how beautiful the mountains are.

To celebrate, last Saturday Chris and had a complete Fall-fest. We woke up early (like adults, he says) and went apple picking -
in VT, in the mountains, all of which were appropriate fall shades of orange, yellow, red and brown. I picked a bushel. A bushel is a LOT of apples!

We drank cider from the gallon jug while eating cider donuts fresh out of the oil (and still scalding hot) sitting outside and looking at the scenery. They may have been the most delicious things I've ever eaten. We went to the liquor store for a nip of Goldschlager for the cider - and walked out $100 later. We spiked the cider and carved pumpkins (mine has 2 faces so you can see it from either direction), while my mom baked us a pie (seriously, living at home is awesome) then we roasted pumpkin seeds, ate pie, and decided we needed a fall bonfire. So we did. With marshmallow. And beer. (In NH, a 24 of Octoberfest is $19.50. And you can get it at the gas station. I LOVE NH.)

Gap- I ran a shipment line and closed the store for the first time Sunday. Easier than it looks.
WISE - Had my first school today, and ran our group with pregnant/parenting DCYF kids by myself. Harder than they look.

The OFFICE premier today! I don't care what anyone says, Pam and Jim are going to be happy ever after.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Uncertainty rises from the depths of your imagination now and your first impulse may be to clamp down on your fantasies and become more rigid than usual. This inflexibility won't likely help you get through the stresses of the day. When you accept that you don't need to know where you are going, however, then you will be closer to your current destination.
Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Colbie Caillat (particularly Bubbly)

Friday, September 14, 2007

A little more imaginary racism

From Feministing

This must be a coincidence.
And, not a new trend. Shudder to think.

Mote was responding to reports of a noose found hanging in a tree near a building that houses several African American campus organizations.
"The possibility that this act appears intended to bring to mind the horrific crime of lynching, which is such a terrible and tragic part of our nation's past, is particularly abhorrent," Mote wrote.

The noose, small and crudely tied, was found Thursday on a tree near the Nyumburu Cultural Center, home to the Black Faculty and Staff Association, the Black Explosion newspaper and other organizations.

Unlike the situation in Jena, LA, at least the President of the University of Maryland recognizes that hanging a noose from a tree near a group of black student and professor organizations is a hate crime. Let us not confuse this-hanging a noose from a tree-is a hate crime, it is not a prank, it is not irony, it is not something to overlook. It is a sign of impending danger and it is a reason to be afraid and should be taken very, very seriously.

What is wrong with people?

Commenting guidelines

There have been some comments that are making me uncomfortable, and since this is my virtual space, I've decided that my discomfort is reason enough for some objection. I left this in the comments, but would like to post for the general public to keep in mind while perusing this blog.

Hi Guys,
I'm really stoked that there's some conversation going on, and I appreciate opinions which differ from my own, but I'm going to ask that those who chose to comment will please research and educate themselves a bit before doing so. Even a simple skimming of a few related news sources would suffice. I've posted some materials here to get the conversation started, but these are by no means the extent of information that I have myself consumed while formulating my opinion, and I would ask that you go a bit beyond, especially where there are such intense feelings of bias in the materials that I have provided.

I would also ask for a modicum of respect in articulating differences of opinions and focusing on the topic at hand without attacking, or drenching your comments in condecention and sarcasm.

Finally, the bottom line is that this is my personal blog and I can say whatever I want to. I try to adhere to my sense of ethics in doing this, and those make it difficult for me to censor, but ultimately, I will if I feel that the comments are unwarrented, uneducated, or offensive. If you don't like it, get your own blog.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007


There are children in school who needed an explanation as to why they were standing in front of the flag and singing the National Anthem this 9-11 because they were not born when it happened. People are in school who were not alive. I'm still processing that.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

What the fuck

Here's the petition


Chris and I were cruising around northern NH and he bring up this post of mine from few months ago. He said he was with me until he got to the Radical Feminist stance that because there is an inherently unequal distribution of power between men and women in a patriarchy, true consent is impossible and because of this innate structure of our society, all heterosexual sex is essentially Rape.

I understand his concern, and appreciate his hesitation at being considered a Rapist because he is attracted to women (which I'll still argue he can't help.)It's good that Rapist is not a compelling title for him, that he doesn't want to be considered violent, abusive, destructive. These are not great things.

I also understand the power dynamic. Being of it and in it, recognizing that I've had a peachy life thus far. My problem is in taking offense to being called a Rapist, and being told he had no choice but to be such, Chris said that's when he stopped, and couldn't interact with the topic anymore. I think this is often the response to arguments that use such definitive and uncompromising language, but I agree with the feminist frustration at having to cater and sugar-coat years of a struggle so that we can get a little support from the opposite sex. I understand being defensive, but I think that should automatically call for one to then own up to one's own shit. Radical Feminist don't just say anything lightly, there's a reason. Defenses don't go up just for kicks, there's a reason. Check why. Maybe that automatic offensive taste in your mouth is an opportunity to engage.

It all comes down to privilege: White privilege, male privilege, adult privilege, the halo effect. Of course a heterosexual white man doesn't want to listen to a dyke feminist that he's a Rapist, doing so would force him to question his stance in society - and heaven forbid come to the conclusion that it isn't fair. Changing the world, making it equitable and ultimately better, is going to consist of those in power giving it up. I believe in giving it up for something better.

Most people I know want to deny that sexism/racism/any-ism exist here in 2007 - so in case you're being tantalized to that easy side of denial read this.

You never have to agree with everything, but I think it should be mandatory to consider it.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Media Stereotypes

The problem, he said, is that when such data are published, with no asterisk next to them saying they can’t be true, they just “reinforce the stereotypes of promiscuous males and chaste females.”

The Myth, the Math, the Sex

Note the totally sexist first paragraph...


My good buddy Chris took me on a cruise yesterday to find pumpkin things and get a general sense of my new digs (fun fact, my new office is going to be directly across the street from his fun!). Anywho, along the way we found not only an Indian restaurant/hookah bar, but a Thai place - in the same building! My one fear about leaving Boston (only having pizza and burger places to eat) is cured.

Other news: I love my job so far.

This is going to be good.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I know it must be hard to fathom that a girl doesn’t care what a smart man thinks about the thing that she cares most about in the world, or that there’s a movement that exists that doesn’t much take into consideration what men have to say on the topic.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Champagne and Trashbags

An odd shopping list, perhaps, but it's home, and it's good to be home. Mom says we're celebrating the future and trashing the junk. I just took a bath. A real, bath salts, bubbles, jacuzzi jets, tea, candles, neck pillow sort of bath. It's dark at night, the moon is brighter than I remember.

Graduation sucked. I had a day long anxiety attack trying to move and did a hundred trash runs up the fire escape. The ceremony was more shuffle than ever before - fitting, I suppose - long, boring, overly warm. I did wear a really cute dress. I found my lost keys, mailed my last check.

I'm 2 parts excited, 1 part nervous. If these next few months go well maybe I'll crash in mom's basement for the winter and spend rent $ on snowboarding lessons...