Sunday, July 29, 2007

The TVs on too much


Umphrey's McGee

07/28/07 Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, NH
Brendan (Umphrey's) and Jeff (YMSB) started, segueing into
Yonder Mountain String Band
intro, Straight into the Darkness,King Ebenezer >
Transition into Umphrey's
Set I: In the Kitchen> Water, Prowler, Hangover, Wizard Burial Ground
Set II: Breathe> Slacker, Der Bluten Kat> 13 Days> Der Bluten Kat
Encore (w/ YMSB): Baby You're a Rich Man, Great American


The show was incredible - particularly the second set, and the collaborative efforts during the opener and encore. They transitioned from YMSB Steep Grade Sharp Curves into Umphrey's In The Kitchen and didn't take a setbreak until after 10.30. The show was about 8-12.30, with only one break. The lights were perfect - photo's compliments of Nate

Friday night I accidentally went out with Muffin, Lauren and Randy. Muff wanted me to set her up, being the friend that I am, phone came out, text messages were exchanged, and within 24 hours she has 2. (Matchmaker, matchmaker...)Saturday I had to shower somewhere other than my apartment (my bathroom is still not finished), luckily I ran into Matt at Whiskey's who so generously offered his shower for all my cleansing needs. The plan was to go to breakfast afterwards, but Saturday morning was *slightly* rough and by the time we made it to Mike's it was 1 and by the time we were done he dropped me directly off at South Station to catch a bus to NH. Needless to say, among other things, I had no pants. I had a towel, and 2 bottles of water, but no change of clothes for the show, or the next day. Nate says part of my charm is the fact that I have made it to 22 with some semblance of success considering the mess that is my day to day life. I figured I had a toothbrush, the rest could be improvised.

Another great weekend - this weekend will be NUTS but Dad's wedding is this weekend and I am stoked! It should be entertaining (and 80's!). Plus, both Randy and Nate will be at the wedding, as will Brittany, and the challenge for best date is on!

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