Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Right around amazing o'clock

My roommate's cat jumped out our 4 story window the other day. Not even the cracked-out kitty who attacks me in the shower. Fortunately he's not dead. He chipped a tooth.


I have to say that with a month left, I'm stoked on this summer. One might call this miraculous considering how I got into my current situation. Every single thing about this summer was forced upon me in May(ish) against my will. I didn't want to live off campus, with people I didn't know, I did not want to be taking classes - particularly Social Theory, I was unceremoniously dumped from almost all of my acquaintance/friend relationships that I was counting on for entertainment over the summer. (It's uncanny the amount of breakups I've endured despite my complete lack of relationships - but that's another post.)

Every single one of those things has turned out to be a wonderful surprise over the past 2 months. Had I been given the choice, I would have spent half the summer hating ResLife, on duty, stuck in the city, and the other half trying to force bad relationships. Thinking if I just try a little harder, I could make a two party interaction work by myself, thinking if I kept myself available someone would call. I would have been miserable! I know because it's what I did last summer! Instead, I'm having a great time, and I haven't sat around waiting once. I get along with my roommates and living here has been painless, if not enjoyable. I've been flying, to the lake, to NY, spent quality family time. Seen old friends, gotten drunk at a stranger's wedding, had dinner parties, learned scads - personally and professionally, barbecued, witnessed the longest running beruit tournament in eternity, and truly mastered my DivaCup. Most importantly, I've spent some quality time with some absolutely quality people. Things happen for a reason.

On with the Lovefest - August is going to be amazing, and every weekend is booked. My first concert since May is this weekend, with the ever entertaining Nate. I'm going to get a festival in after all, more time at the lake (maybe it'll actually be warm enough to swim!), my favorite Norwegian is coming for TWO WEEKS(!), and friends from all over are coming to go out in the city. It is going to be the best going out party - and I'm thrilled that I'll be able to leave the city with a smile on my face. Here's to good things ahead!


Meanwhile, I may be honing my theoretical rhetoric and philosophy (much to the chagrin of my father), but Social Theory is by no means enhancing my social grace. At times, my innocent mind has a hard time keeping up with the flow of vulgar conversation. This causes some interesting miscommunication when Dakota - rating potential boyfriends - discusses the suitor's "eating" prowess, and I want to know if that means they both got their own desert and appetizers. Today it caused me to inadvertently tell my boss that I have at one time engaged a particular quazi-kinky sexual activity. Only to realize 5 minutes later in another room that she was SO not talking about shaving his face...

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