Saturday, July 14, 2007

Marxist Coffee

I've been floating around in an atmosphere of Marxist social theory and discovering the revolution. The problem is coming back down to earth, which I've had some trouble with. Every time I come to a "conclusion" it bounces me right back up and spinning. So please forgive the stream of thought fragmentations.

Last weekend I went to a wedding with my buddy Nate - we also went blueberry picking and to see the Tall Ships. I informed him I would be living in the big room on the second floor come September. Seriously. Nate is one-in-a-million and I luck out so he drove me back to Boston and we ate dinner and cannoli in the North End.

Wednesday I had my first yoga class. I am going to like yoga.

Thursday I saw my prettiest Boston sight walking home from the gym. It was foggy and sunny at the same time, and the sun was reflecting off the Pru and making streams of light through the fog. I stood in the middle of the street and appreciated it.

Yesterday was my day off - I had plans to wake up early, read on the awesomeness of globalization and the end of the Communist Manifesto and avoid Friday the 13th as a recluse. I slept in, then walked to Whole Foods (whom I have discovered is a totally awesome business so I will be allocating my paltry food budget to them.) for creamer and milk, made myself coffee and banana nut pancakes (with real maple syrup) and watched a John Stamos Lifetime movie (yea, that good) while "reading". Then it was time to pay up on a bet (which I only lost on a technicality - but I am a woman of integrity and would pay up nonetheless.) Went to my old stomping grounds at PPLM and bought Angus McQuilken an frozen yogurt cone (I got fresh blackberries mixed into mine, it was amazing.) And it sounds like I could pretty much get the GRO job in Boston. So now I have to decide if I really want/can afford to be here for longer than scheduled.

I/my father have been cutting my hair off little by little for the past few weeks. Yesterday I tried to reconcile hair cutting with my new Marxist perspective and decided to go get it cut by someone who went to school for cutting hair. I was nervous but optimistic (ps. does anyone else notice that as soon as the appointment is set, your hair looks fabulous?). The guy was so nice. It was the best hair therapy session I've had in ages. It felt wonderful. Funny how sometimes strangers are what make the difference.

When I was done with my hair, Melissa was done at the gym and had spur of the moment invited me to a cook-out at Maile and Shaun's. They just got married a few months ago. He does lighting design formerly for Phish, now for various festivals/corporate events. He knows the guy that did the lighting at the Bisco show I went to at Langerado and the guy that did Umphrey's in Chicago on New Years. He mentioned a possibility which I won't mention to jinx it, but it would be the best thing probably ever.

I also had a first time which I haven't had in awhile. First times are thrilling.

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