Friday, July 6, 2007

I make the worlds worst margaritas.

I <3 trailmix. It took me about a month to eat the Costco bag we got for spring break and never opened, but ever since I have been desperate for more. The problem was I wasn't willing to pay double the price at Shaws for 1/4 the trailmix. It's a matter of principle. Finally, last week my dad (actually Liz, with my dad's credit card *thanks dad!*) bought me 3 bags at Target (seriously), which I promptly mixed together and doctored up. It has been amazing having my trailmix with me again, and I haven't left the house since without a bag. Sadly, it is now nearly gone, and the search for a giant, cheap bag of dried fruits and nuts will begin once again.

I have my very own pair of crocs. I wore them to class today.

I can't go food shopping until next week because I've spent my budget on cheap sale clothes at the Gap. It's becoming a problem.

"Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free?" Because a relationship is about more than sex. It's not just about the milk, it's about the person.

My margaritas are better the second day.

The difference between sports and play is that in sports, someone wins and someone loses. When we play, we all just have fun.

Time for a date w/ brit-muffin!

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Aimee said...

I'm laughing because I spent all my moolah at the mall on sale items from Ann Taylor Loft. AND I'm having a conversation with my live-in boyfriend about how we need to really budget better so we can continue to eat. Good times.