Monday, July 30, 2007

But racecar is a palendrome, how can you not love them!?

Bathroom completion estimate has now been extended to the weekend (from one day). We're going to get into some real alternative shower solutions because I am not hauling all my stuff to the Marino at 6am to shower in the locker rooms. What with professional meetings/interviews all week so my normal plan of not showering won't fly.

I just had to buy a size 2 dress pants at Gap. Sizes are getting a little ridiculous - I started just about 3 years ago and was buying size 8.

Apparently Umphrey's covers Hall of the Mountain King - and did at the show Friday in RI. Most won't get this but it's a totally obscure classical instrumental that used to be my FAVORITE when I was really little (Dad remember!? I'll send you the Mp3 if I can ever find one to download...) Anyway that's awesome and I'm so bummed I missed it.

On the upside - 2 weeks til Siri's here AND classes are over AND festival time :)

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Nate said...

you're using (plagarizing?) my AMAZING quote as the title to this blog entry without giving any credit! Unbelievable. Racecars are awesome!