Monday, May 21, 2007

Discussion on Giuliani

Monika has all her little 2008 hopes and dreams out on her blog - I haven't been quite as proactive, but I was asked this week for an interview as part of a paper. I figured I'd multi-task and humbly submit the responses I gave here. I left in her questions so my train of thought would make a bit more sense.

Casey B***
9:52pm May 20th
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hi kate,
i know its late but thanks again in advance....
I am not sure how much you know about Giuliani who is running for president, but he is considered a conservative republican although recently, it was discovered that he has donated a total of $900 within the past few years to planned parenthood, clearly an organization that supports safe sex before marraige as well as abortion and the option to choose. As a woman who is of age to vote, and one who believes in the right to choose, how do you feel about the fact that he says he hates abortion although believes in a woman's right to choose to the extent that he beleives a woman should be able to choose yes or no to having abortion as an option. Does religion play a part in your thoughts on the issue? Do you think he is or is not consistant with his view? should he choose yes or no to abortion instead of maybe yes and maybe no? do you think he is wrong to have given money to planned parenthood? who do you plan to vote for and why? would you vote for him? why or why not? tell me anything else you feel too about abortion or giulliani as well as the other candiates and their stance on abortion, and how u feel about a womans right to choose. thanks so much!!!! i look forward to hearing your answers asap!!!
Kate Rohdenburg
11:01pm May 20th
So first of all, from what I understand, the $900 is being attributed to Rudy's former wife and for some perspective, Mitt Romney's wife is also being said to have donated to Planned Parenthood in the past. Planned Parenthood Federation of America has recently released a press statement lauding Guliani for his "pro-abortion" stance saying it proves that Republicans can run on common sense rather than religious lines. This has caused a bit of an uproar from some feminists who take issue with PPFA congratulating a rep. candidate who has said that over turning Roe would be "ok". (Check out

Honestly, I think that the inconsistency will hurt Giuliani, and probably most of the other Rep. hopefuls. Hard liners will think that they are too "soft" on abortion, and liberals will think they are far too conservative. Either way it will chip away at their prospective demographic.

As far as donating money to PPFA - I have personally worked with a PP affiliate and abortion is NOT the only thing that PP's about. Not all PP clinics even perform abortions. Accessible birth control for underprivileged women is a huge part of the work that they do, STD testing for both men and women, sex education for all ages, some even do prenatal care and annual GYN appointments. Donating to PP does not equate financing an abortion.

I will not vote for Giuliani, I do not trust that he has the qualifications, experience, or ability to lead the nation. I respect what he did for NYC after 9-11. I do not think he has the ability to even garner the Rep nomination, let alone win a national election.

To make sure I answer all your questions: I consider myself pro-abortion and think that anyone who says they "hate" abortion - especially those who have no chance of ever being in the position to experience one, are full of shit. It comes down to talking about things that one knows nothing about.

I was raised Protestant Christian, however do not think that it has influenced my thinking in a way that most pastors would be proud of.

As far as the rest of the candidates go, I'm not stoked on any of them, but it is still early in the campaign. Last election I was so disillusioned I voted for a 3rd party to show my disgust with what has evolved into an incestuous political game with no clear answers and only fake candidates. It's about money and image and not about issues, which is why things like abortion and gay marriage and the Iraq war are skirted around without ever choosing a line and sticking to it - from either party.

In a vaguely related sidenote - I think it is interesting that the hard religious right is stonewalling Romney for being week on abortion because he "changed his mind" only recently on the matter to align himself to the right. Having walked past the abortion protesters every day to get to work I was under the impression that the POINT of the protest was to get people to change their mind. And now here they've succeeded in the form of a potential national leader and his mere change of heart is not enough to prove worthy of the women-hating stamp of approval. Another side note on Romney - out of all the Rep. candidates who will surely have to create a stance on family values, Romney (a mormon) is the only who has had just one wife. As far as I know ALL the serious Democratic hopefuls are still on their first marriage. That should be interesting.

I know this is long, I hope it helps. Sorry it's so late with your paper being due tomorrow. Let me know if you need anything else.

Casey B***
11:13pm May 20th
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Kate, your response was very clear and said in a very mature fashion. even though what i think has nothing to do with my paper, on a sidenote- i agree with you completly. Thank you again for the short notice response... this will help ENORMOUSLY with my paper... thanks so much again and goodluck with what you are doing for the club!


Side note: I know it was done over facebook and all, but does anyone else think that when conducting an interview - of any kind - especially with someone you don't know, that you should at least be grammatically correct? Spelling, punctuation, paragraphs??? Am I just getting old?

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