Friday, April 13, 2007

Wine Weekends

Yesterday's schedule was supposed to go a little like this:
office hours, class, gym, dinner with Duggs, icecream with Serg, studying for final.

Instead it went like this:
office hours, class, nap, dinner with Duggs, bottle of port with Duggs, Saved!, bottle of wine with Duggs, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Second bottle of wine with Duggs, drunk dialing at 3am on the way home, up at 7am for class and a quasi-important meeting.

Apparently Monika and I had similar nights.

I'd also like to mention that during the wine/movie process. Mo litterally poured herself in the door beligerant, sobbing, and melting her make-up off her face before passing out with a trashbag to throw up in. Makes me feel like less of an alcoholic myself...And that it was pretty funny.

I am no longer allowed to hang out with Corinne on weeknights - however, being that this is Friday - so, as we started grudgingly pushing buttons on the treadmill today and realized neither of us had any interest - it was ok that we decided to make other plans. We walked all the way down Columbus Ave, down around South Station, thru the North End, stopped and picked up so SUPER cheap produce!!! (seriously, plaintains and broccoli for $.25 each...strawberries for $1!!! I'm totally doing all my shopping there this summer). Then back home thru the Commons - stopping to get bread and cheese at Trader Joes. We're going to make a ghetto fabulous dinner. I'm patenting the recipe - you read it here first:

-Annie's macaroni and cheese ($1)
-Saute broccoli ($.25), sundried tomatoes ($1.35), and garlic (stolen from roommates) and added to the mac and cheese.
-Add some marinara sauce and throw some fresh mozzarella on top
-Bake for a bit

Then bread, a goat cheese brie, fresh strawberries and fried plantains for dessert. Perhaps a touch more port...or some imported French wine...I'm so hungry. (I"m also on duty...)

Tomorrow is the day I've been waiting for - SpringFest = GYM CLASS HEROES!!!!!!!!!!!!
(I <3 Travie so much..) and Lupe Fiasco I'm pretty excited to see as well. Plus the whole beer and bbq at Monika's. I'll leave you with a quote to sum up my expectations:

"The moral of the story: sometimes, when you're drunk, you can be an asshole. And you know what? Who gives a shit? Getting wasted is awesome. You just have to make sure that you have someone around who will NOT take pictures of you when you've passed out. And I'm not talking pictures of you with "poop" written on your forehead, but pictures that might wind up on any number of sites that you can't view at work. Meaning pornographic sites. Meaning pictures of you, lying on your couch, naked from the waist down, and me in the background, smoking a cigarette and giving a "thumbs up" with one hand, and with the other hand high-fiving a homeless guy."

Dad: you're probably not impressed with this post BUT both Britany and Corinne want to come home to shoot stuff. I told them you're the master teacher. I think that's going to be fun.

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Kate's dad said...

"Dad: you're probably not impressed with this post"

You are correct.

"BUT both Britany and Corinne want to come home to shoot stuff."

I will be happy to introduce them to the safe and responsible use of firearms. This will include a lecture about maturity that they will find applicable to alcohol as well.