Sunday, April 15, 2007


I make good first impressions.

Around 3pm I had 2 blisters bleeding in my new, white boat shoes. I also figured out finally why the front tendons in my neck hurt. I had in fact, not been strangled, it was from the whiplash of being jerked around on the bungee run that Corinne and I spent an hour on Friday playing on - in between getting cotton candy.

I think the concert was good, I fell asleep on someone I don't know's shoulder during NAS, but I rocked out to Gym Class and that's really what I was looking for.

At the beginning of the show Monika put a sticker on my shirt. When I woke up this morning, there were more than one.

Monika claims innocence.

I did not make it to Malden.

I think there may have been something funny in the cupcakes...

I just found 2 texts from a number that I don't know on my phone.
Monika at 6:33pm "Where did you go?"
603-491-3632 at 6:55pm "Are you wearing a grey shirt standing up dancing on the floor?
603-491-3632 at 7:01pm "PS the guy behind you keeps putting stickersr on you lol"

There are no responses from me to these texts. I'm fairly sure I've never seen them before. Please out yourself if your number is 603-491-3632.

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Julie said...


You're the reason why I am not going to have children.