Thursday, April 19, 2007

"partial-birth abortion"

I'm not even going to try and post about the Supreme Court decision. You can find all I have to say here.

Also, NYT has a break down of how candidates for 2008 have responded.


Monika said...

im not touching the actual abortion issue here...but you know what is stupid, all of the candidates responses. Abortion has become such a trivial issue for political parties. If you are a republican you MUST be pro life and if youre a democrat you must be pro choice.

and candidates responses whether they are democrats saying "yeah i personally oppose it but in public im for it" and vice versa for republicans.

kate is probably falling out of her chair because she should agree with at least part of what i said and its in response to a post about abortion :)

Kate said...

um - that's what i said to you this MORNING!