Sunday, April 1, 2007

Northeastern top 100 most influential Seniors

Good afternoon,

I am writing to inform you that you have been selected one of Northeastern University's '100 MOST INFLUENTIAL SENIORS' for the 2006-2007 academic year. This marks the first time that Student Affairs has assembled an esteemed list of the top seniors, and I would like to congratulate you on this honor. I am personally proud of each of you and am thankful that I
have had the opportunity to work with you on various projects and initiatives over the past five years. It was difficult to narrow our lengthy list down to 100, as we received a large number of nominations from your professors, peers, coaches, advisors and colleagues.

You have been selected to this esteemed list exhibit the following qualities:

1. Personal Commitment to enhancing student life

2. Self-Motivation to make the Northeastern experience the best it can be

3. Ability to influence peers and campus as a whole in a positive manner

4. Overall academic success

5. Effective time-management skills that allow the student to balance academics with extracurricular involvement

6. Excellent interpersonal skills and proven ability to collaborate with fellow students, faculty, and/or administrators on issues of interest

We are proud to present 2007’s 100 MOST INFLUENTIAL SENIORS:

Ashley Adams
Smith Anderson
Jason Ansel
Steve Babcock
Jody Burrows
Michael Benson
Amanda Bergin
Kristen Blair
Nicole Bottino
Christopher Burns
Stacie Burroughs
Tracey Callahan
Shawna Calhoun
Adriana Campos
Tara-Anne Canada
Alvin Carter
Marissa Collen
Sarah Connell
Brian Crowley
Alex Diaz
Jose De La Rosa
Matthew Dickman
Jen Dowd
Bill Durkin
Suzan El-Rayess
Nathan Faber
John Faltus
Christine Faucher
Brett Figliozzi
Tracy Fitzmartin
Ashly Flint
Anna Gartsman
Leah Giambaressi
Jessie Goldbas
John Guilfoil
Brian Guthrie
Michael Hall
Jessica Hamilton
Hassan Harris
Chris Hayes
Jocelyn Hoffman
Zeu Hong Tzeng
Alexandra Hajduk
Margaret Horton
Mariko Howe
Emory Howell
Caitlin Howieson
Jessica Juarez
Amir Kahrim
Matthew Kowalski
Chris Lambert
Ellen Lassiter
Benjamin Liu
Cory Lloyd
Caitlin Lowell
Diane Lusas
Chris Lynch
Mary Jane Mattern
Maureen McManus
Sergio Marrero
Heather Milton
Christina Mulka
Andrea Mutz-Mercier
Matt Newton
Danny Ng
Da Thao Nguyen
Quang X. Nguyen
Zara Northover
Rogan O’Handley
Chidinma “Chi Chi” Okebalama
Christina Passalaqua
Will Reese
Luisa Pena
Devin Phillip
April Pierce
Caroline Portalupi
Alyson Pospisil
Kim Rapp
Daniel Rippey
Nelsey Robles
Emily Rodriguez
Jen Roffi
*Kate Rohdenburg***
Sarah Sargent
Allyson Savin
Jared Schwartzer
Rebekah Sherman
Eddie Siclari
Marilyn Sitorus
Andrew Sward
Sharon Sweeney
Caroline Tejeda
Lindsay Tessier
Rachel Truman
Kevin Vardi
Kevin Weigand
Jimmy Weng
Jared White
Afton Yurkon
Amanda Zoglio

l look forward to seeing you at the brunch. Stop by to pick up your ticket on Monday!
Thanks and Congratulations again,

E. Edward Klotzbier, J.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs
Northeastern University
104 Ell Hall
Boston, Massachusetts 02115

***Bet you didn't realize you're in the presence of greatness...

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