Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Made my day

*sorry Tara, that picture is too funny...

TaraD102: i can totally see you surfing by the way
TaraD102: you look like a california person
TaraD102: if i were to stereotype
DancingGrapes: ha, my friend said i'm so uncoordinated that i'd hurt myself and others
TaraD102: yeah but you're all outdoor-sy and adventerous

DancingGrapes: tara looks like she's about to puke! that's why its funny
ilovetreeshalso: but his tongue
ilovetreeshalso: ew
ilovetreeshalso: no need
ilovetreeshalso: who is that guy
DancingGrapes: her boyfriend
ilovetreeshalso: THATS HER BOYFFRIEND!
ilovetreeshalso: NOW ITS FUNNY
DancingGrapes: I KNOW!
ilovetreeshalso: maybe you should say that
ilovetreeshalso: so ppl know


Tara said...

that picture IS funny. and, how is "adventerous" (as i wrote) spelled - adventureous, adventurous? i have no idea but none of those look correct.

Julie said...

this picture made me want to puke.

not bc of tarah bc she is so hot, but still

Julie said...

much much funnier now

i still want to puke though

Tara said...